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H. Klassen, Piano pieces incl. CD NEW EXTENDED EDITION

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Easy, mediumdifficult and difficult pieces for piano solo and four-handed incl. CD

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Content: (click on the title)

01. Zwei Frösche / Two frogs
02. Winter
03. The cock and the hens
04. The poor barrel-organ player
05. Polka
06. The lazy tomcat
07. Chinese cradle-song
08. Ball game
09. Irish song
10. Musical box
11. Georgian song
12. Poliphonical piece
13. March
14. Game in the rain
15. Dance of the monkeys
16. The small ballet dancer
17. Karawane / Camel caravan
18. The courageous tin soldier and the rat
19. Dolly dance
20. Eskimo dance
21. Reflections on the water
22. Ragtime
23. Memory of the Flea waltz
24. Captured fly
25. Valse nostalgique
26. Prélude

Part II

Four-handet pieces

27. The old merry-go-round
28. A beautyful day
29. March
30. Waltz


31. Die The clock-makers workshop at midnigt (10-handet)

32. Kalinka (Russian folksong)

33. Autumn good

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