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2 Bücher SET! Hello, piano! Band 1 + Band 2 Englische Fassung

2 Bücher SET! Hello, piano! Band 1 + Band 2 Englische Fassung

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Piano school for very young beginners (from 3.5 years) without touch knowledge with professional CD accompaniment.


English version


Book One: Before Notation


Magic Exercises and Piano Pieces


A journey from your first note to your first scale (with CD-accompaniments)



We created this book hoping to inspire a very positive attitude in a little person. We hope that piano students will be joyfully playing their first tunes without 

worrying about wrong notes, wrong fingers etc.


In our “magic” book we bring up important concepts such as good posture, well-formed hands, fine motor skills, the “topography” of the keyboard, body 

relaxation, and the child’s imagination and feelings. All theses serious pedagogical issues are addressed inconspicuously, in the form of a game.


The CDs accompanying the lessons will give teachers the freedom to move around and observe students’ progress. Every exercise is enriched and 

“colored” by the orchestral accompaniments. When you turn on the sound track, you will hear how those "simple" little tunes are transformed into 

enchanting “masterpieces.” Every soundtrack is offered at 3 tempi - slower, medium and original. And there is also a “Bonus Tempo” for young virtuosi. 


In composing our piano studies we were inspired by Frederic Chopin's “Method of Methods.” In this book the composer suggests that the best key for a 

beginner with longer fingers is not a traditional C major, but B major. So we transposed every tune into Chopin's favorite B major and set our fingers on 

the black keys. Maybe those black wooden keys will stop being “total strangers” now? And how differently the same tune will sound, “colored” in a new key! 

There is so much to explore... 


Dear children, parents and teachers! Make yourself home in our Book “Hello, piano!



Irina Mints

Heinrich Klassen

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